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When selecting Dustin Leclerc Photography Concepts for your Portrait, Event, and Commercial needs you are investing not only in a photographer but a story a teller with with passion for life and adventure excited to capture and tell your story...

My love affair with Photography started with my passion for the mountains, adventure, and pushing myself to new heights. Residing in Foothills M.D. of Alberta, Canada with the Rocky Mountains as my backdrop I'm lucky to have one of the most inspirational places on earth to fuel my passion. As an adventure photographer I attempted to capture the moments & emotions from the world around us.

Over time my focus has grown from not capturing the adventure of the mountains,  into attempting to harness the light of the world around us into stories which has in turn created a portrait experience that is unique, one that doesn't only focus on the clients look, but their surrounding, and photographs that focus on telling their story!

In my Family Portraiture I focus on capturing your story of Passion, Love, or Adventure through a  casual, fun and relaxing setting allowing you be natural and enjoy the day.

This also translates into Commercial shoots and Environmental Portraiture that combine my passion for photography and story telling that strive to capture the essence of you and your buisness.

Portraits, Characters and Stories

Couples, Families and Weddings

Commercial Projects