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by Dustin Leclerc

What Is The RoadtoNowhere

Simply the RoadtoNowhere is the road I want to travel. 

What am I referring to, it's a place or state of mind you reach when you are exactly where you want to be, you are traveling forward in time, but you aren't trying to go anywhere or change anything, it's the times when you say to yourself: Life is Good!

Lets take an example.

It’s late January or early February, way to long ago for me to give you a year, but it was a stressful week. The weekend arrives and I’m out Nordic skiing at Duntroon Highlands, it’s about -5, fresh big fluffy snowflakes are falling. A very picturesque day. I haven’t seen anyone in over a half hour, and I’m seemingly alone in back corners of the ski area. I’ve skied about 7 or 8 Km’s at which point I have a smile, the stress from the week is a distant memory, and my thoughts are void. All that can be heard are my deep breaths bordering on breathless and the gliding sound of my skis. I still have another 8 or so Km’s till I get back to the chalet. But I’m not trying to get anywhere, I’m exactly where I want to be. I could carry on like this forever! I may be moving forward, covering distance, you could say I’m traveling, but the reality is I’ve already reached my destination, my goal. This to me is the RoadtoNowhere!

Some people chase these moments forever and some don't even know they exist, For each and everyone of us that RoadtoNowhere might be different, but it is a place we should all be striving to find, moments of happiness, excitement, adrenaline, laughter, the moments that make us feel alive! A lucky few chase their dreams and live on this road all the time, for the rest of us we try and find that balance between reality, responsibilities and spending as much time as possible traveling the RoadtoNowhere.

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